How far in advance should I order?

On average, we need three days to bake off our breads.

How many people do your breakfast boxes serve?

We currently offer breakfast boxes that will serve 5-6 people. We are looking to expand our breakfast offerings as our capabilities and the demand for such items become more clear.

How many people do your cookie boxes serve?

We sell our cookie boxes by the half-dozen and baker's dozen. The baker's dozen includes a 13th, free cookie.

What ingredients do you use?

The ingredients for both our sweet goods and bread will be all natural & preservative free. We will always use organic fruit and/or fruit from our orchard or local orchards in our fruit based goods. All of our goods are locally sourced whenever possible.

What payment methods do you accept?

For the purchase of any of our delicious baked goods, we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards. We also accept cash in U.S. Dollars, however we do not accept checks.

How do I properly store my bread from Gloria's Apron?

When you purchase one of these products, it's essential that you store it correctly. In general, eating more bread means that there will be less to store, which is why it's best if you only buy the amount of bread that you need. Bread can be stored in a plastic or paper bag. The bread you select should never be left in a moist environment or in direct sunlight.

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