Pies with Elaborate Taste

Four small fruit pies stacked on top of one anotherWe specialize in custom, scratch made cakes and pies that make every occasion worth celebrating. The various cakes and pies on offer at Gloria's Apron include all of your traditional options as well as more unique flavors and styles that can only be found in original bakeries like ours.

If you'd like to pair your morning coffee with the perfect treat, our coffee cakes are the ideal accompaniment.

The non-refrigerated cakes and pies available at Gloria's Apron are designed with the freshest ingredients available. Consider ordering one of our fruit hand pies in varieties like apple, blueberry, and strawberry.

These fruits are oftentimes picked directly from our orchard and other local orchards in the Cañon City area. We bake with only the finest and freshest ingredients which includes whole eggs and pure vanilla extract.

Apple Pies

Our apple pies are full of sweet, juicy apples, and its flaky crust is perfect for a fall dessert. Whether you enjoy it à la mode or with a cup of coffee, our apple pie is sure to please.

Cherry Pies

Our cherry pies have a flaky pie crust filled with homemade cherry filling that's bursting with cherry flavor just sweet enough to satisfy with a smidge of tart.

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