Fresh Loaves Baked In-House Daily
The breads offered at Gloria's Apron are crafted by hand one at a time to ensure their quality and authenticity. This is what your morning needs! A hot, fresh, delicious loaf of bread for breakfast with a cup of coffee or tea. You'll never go back to store-bought loaves again! Our bread is made in small batches using whole grain flour, milk, eggs, and other natural ingredients. The result is a loaf so tasty and moist that it'll have you coming back for more. Some of our breads may take up to 24 hours of fermentation time in order to achieve our... Read The Rest
Delicious and Fresh Baked
Everyone loves our fresh-baked cookies. The smell of chocolate chip or sugar cookies baking in the oven is an unforgettable smell that's reminiscent of childhood. At Gloria's Apron, we offer a vast selection of delightful cookie products that include everything from chocolate chip and butter varieties to sugar cookies. If you call or stop by to make an order, you can choose to add logos or custom artwork to the sugar cookies as well as some of the traditional standards. Chocolate Chip These cookies are soft, thick, bricks of chocolate chunks and buttery dough baked into a heavy, milk-loving cookie with golden edges... Read The Rest
Pies with Elaborate Taste
We specialize in custom, scratch made cakes and pies that make every occasion worth celebrating. The various cakes and pies on offer at Gloria's Apron include all of your traditional options as well as more unique flavors and styles that can only be found in original bakeries like ours. If you'd like to pair your morning coffee with the perfect treat, our coffee cakes are the ideal accompaniment. The non-refrigerated cakes and pies available at Gloria's Apron are designed with the freshest ingredients available. Consider ordering one of our fruit hand pies in varieties like apple, blueberry, and strawberry. These fruits are oftentimes... Read The Rest
A Healthy Start to the Day
While the fruit pies and coffee cakes we offer are great for breakfast, you'll also discover a wide range of breakfast items designed specifically to help you get a good start to the day. Our primary offerings include scones and pop-tarts, both of which come in numerous flavors to satisfy any palate. If you're getting ready for an event or meeting that requires catering services, select our breakfast boxes. These boxes feed 5-6 people and are perfect for nearly every occasion. Cinnamon Rolls Cinnamon rolls are one of the BEST breakfast items people crave. Gloria's Apron bakes perfectly soft, fluffy, gooey cinnamon rolls... Read The Rest

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